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Cotillion - Parents and Students

Dear Mrs. Merrill,  
I was a host parent last night at your Cotillion, and I just want to say thank you for the excellent job that you are doing with our children. The children are really dancing and socializing and having a terrific time. They are so polite, and your demonstration dancers did a great job in making sure that there were no wall flowers. I only wish that I could have had such an experience as a girl. I can't thank you enough for the care and organization you put into this program. 

Warm Regards,  
Tracie Waxman

Good Morning Cynthia,

I wanted to let you know that my son woke up this morning and is not feeling very well. I know he was trying to hide it because he doesn't want to miss Cotillion this evening. It has been one of the most exciting things he has ever done. I am so proud of what he has learned and how much he has retained.  My son is all sports, but when it comes to Cotillion it is all about dancing and learning how to dance well. He just loves it.

Deb Martin

Hi Cynthia,  
I just wanted to tell you that my daughter came home the night of the Cotillion, stating it was the best night she has ever had. She was a little nervous about doing this, and would only do this with her friends, but she hardly spent any time with her friends that night. She was a little nervous about dancing with boys and was grateful that she did not have to ask them to dance on this first cotillion. She had a blast dancing with the boys all night. She came home and told me all about the dances she learned. It made me so happy to see her thrilled about this. Looking forward to November 

Kathy Card

Dear Cynthia,  
What a wonderful event you hosted last night. Our boys truly enjoyed the Junior Ball as well as my husband and I as host parents. It was also a pleasure to work with your photographer. They seemed very professional and had some wonderful poses.  Again, thank you. It was amazing to watch you handle such a large undertaking with calmness and grace.

Kathy Johnsen

Dear Mrs. Merrill 
The first thing my daughter said to me when I picked her up the evening of Cotillion was "Thank you mom for signing me up for Cotillion!" accompanied with a hug. Thank you for the wonderful program you offer these children! 

Denise Kandarian

Mrs. Merrill,  
My son has changed in small ways since taking your Cotillion class. I know that he is more thoughtful of others and he is learning to interact with girls in a respectful positive way. I am thankful for his opportunity to participate in you class. It has been a positive experience. 

Kelly Heib

Dear Mrs. Merrill,  
I want to thank you so much for encouraging me to take my 5th grade son to Cotillion. I have to say that after the event, both Kelly and he could not stop talking about how much fun they had, especially Justin. Both my husband and I were thrilled that he had such an enjoyable time.  Both kids were saying that they wished it was every night. I thought that was so cute. I think the highlight of Justin's evening was dancing with the older girls, your helpers and all of them were my daughter's good friends. I think that made him more comfortable. But we are just so excited and can't wait for the next event.  Kelly had about 8 of her friends over for her birthday slumber party and the Cotillion is all they talked about.  So congratulations to you. That says so much about the planning and organization of your program. I am going to encourage a lot of Justin's and Kelly's friends to join next year. This is something very special and I just feel so lucky that we can all experience it and be part of it. Thank you so very much again. 

Blessings always,  
Deb Martin


Dear Cynthia,  
Thank so much for the excellent job you do teaching our young people such lovely skills. This is in reference to two of your high school Cotillion and Demo Team students who go to Fresno Christian High School who recently took a band tour to Sea World in March. While so many of the students from other high schools were doing inappropriate moves on the dance floor, your Cotillion kids really "set the bar high" with their beautiful performance! Mr. Loomis, their band instructor, particularly commented on what an excellent job you had done teaching these students! So, I'm passing on his high praise, as well as that of other parents, students and chaperones who enjoyed the dance routines of your students from the Cotillion.    
All the best to you,  
Carolyn Ocheltree


Mrs. Merrill,

Over the past five years I've been in Cotillion and four years I've been on Demo team, you've taught me so much. You've shown me things about myself that I didn't know I possessed. Not only that, but you have raised my confidence. And above all else, you've given me a love for ballroom dancing and I wanted to thank you for all of that. You have instilled in me a love for dance that I will pursue for the rest of my life. So thank you.

Thank you for everything,

Love forever and always,

Stephanie DeGiovanni


Dear Cynthia,

I would like to thank you for all the life tools you have given Robb over the last 8 years at Cotillion. He has learned quite a bit, including self confidence and self control.

With deep gratitude,

Magi Fainer-Towne

Dear Mrs. Merrill,


Being a Cotillion and  Demo Team member really benefited me for college and scholarships. I discovered that I had a desire to be more of a leader figure. Since then, I have gone to leadership camp with my band, become a section leader of my school orchestra and taken up a leadership position in the largest club of my high school. I never would have had the confidence to do any of these things without being a part of your Cotillion and Demo Team.Making the commitment to Demo team helped me to keep my commitments to other things as well, even when things were tough. Thank you for everything you have taught me.



Dear Mrs. Merrill,

I am writing this letter to you to convey my gratitude for all you did for me since I was a young boy of 10 years old when I first joined Cotillion. Beyond the art of ballroom dance and etiquette which has proven most helpful in social situations as you promised, you have taught me responsibility, which I was regrettably resistent to accept. I do not regret a single year I spent with you learning not only how to lead but more importantly how to follow. My later years in high school and college and job applications have shown me the benefits of your teaching and I still am the only one who knows which one is the cocktail fork and which side the water glass goes on. You taught me how to set a correct  diner table but more importantly, you taught me to set straight my priorities. I hope you never felt me to be a lost cause or felt your teaching were in vane for I never thought it was. I hope this letter reaches you in good spirits and I hope you will remember me not as a rebel without a cause, rebellion has always been my vane, but as a student who appreciated your teaching and who wishes to pass them on.





Dear Cynthia,  
We enjoyed listening to you describe your various enterprises and stories of individuals who were/are your students and what they've accomplished. Friends of ours with youngsters who have been your pupils have been lavish in their praise of you and how you've helped their youngsters raise their self esteem and achieve confidence in themselves. You are truly a remarkable person. 

Gigi & Jack Hill


Dear Mrs. Merrill,  
Thank you so much for having me at your Cotillion Party. It was super fun. I hope that I can do it again next year. 

Yours Truly,  

Dear Mrs. Merrill,  
Thank you for the wonderful Cotillion year! I will see you next year. I love it! 

Anna Kevorkian (Age 10)

Dear Mrs. Merrill,  
Thank you for teaching Cotillion. I really had fun and enjoyed meeting new people. I feel that I learned a lot. I also appreciate the time you put into this program. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn new things about proper behavior and dance. Thank you again for putting time and effort into helping us. 

Sincerely ,  
Kate Hoppe (Age 12) 

Dear Mrs. Merrill,  
Thank you so much for the Etiquette Party and another fun year of Cotillion. I loved being part of the story of Pinocchio at the etiquette workshop. The Cotillion dances are fun, as always. I hope that we can dance the Merengue and play musical chairs next year. Thank you again so much.  

Zachary Layne (Age 13)