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Since 1981 in the Central Valley

   Cynthia Merrill     

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High School Cotillion and High School Etiquette and Interview Preparation Seminar.

Dear Mrs. Merrill,

Thank you so much for teaching me in the HIgh School Seminar proper etiquette, interview preparation and how to deal with certain situations. Thank you, also, for listening and answering all my questions. I learned a lot from your last class. The topics you touched upon, regarding body language, personalities and their impact on society, has been something I have thought about and now put into practice. Thank you for all the clarity you have provided.


Brian lange


Dear Mrs. Merrill,

Thank you for opening up your home for the High School Etiquette Seminar. I learned a lot from your class. I now realize  how good manners and body language can affect my life. I especially enjoyed the apple cinnamon tea. I now enjoy it at home all the time.


Joseph Lange

Dear Cynthia,  
Thank so much for the excellent job you do teaching our young people such lovely skills. This is in reference to two of your high school Cotillion and Demo Team students who go to Fresno Christian High School who recently took a band tour to Sea World in March. While so many of the students from other high schools were doing inappropriate moves on the dance floor, your Cotillion kids really "set the bar high" with their beautiful performance! Mr. Loomis, their band instructor, particularly commented on what an excellent job you had done teaching these students! So, I'm passing on his high praise, as well as that of other parents, students and chaperones who enjoyed the dance routines of your students from the Cotillion.   
All the best to you,  
Carolyn Ocheltree

Dear Cynthia,  
We enjoyed listening to you describe your various enterprises and stories of individuals who were/are your students and what they've accomplished. Friends of ours with youngsters who have been your pupils have been lavish in their praise of you and how you've helped their youngsters raise their self esteem and achieve confidence in themselves. You are truly a remarkable person. 

Gigi & Jack Hill